Growing Potatoes in a tire

Girard, KS

Hello I have heard that you can grow potatoes inside of a tire so i have two tires that i put some potatoes in and guess what they have started to grow. So far so good will see how well this works out.

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Pierson, FL(Zone 9a)

Hi: I grow potatoes in Barrels and they do great! Good luck with the tires!

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Pittsboro, NC

This article ( points out that
* Tuber production is limited by foliage area.
* Almost no potatoes produce additional stolons past the first few nodes above the seed piece.

Good luck! Where i live, it's the summer heat that puts an end to production, so i've got to focus on making sure they get enough water..

Girard, KS

Hello well i planted my potatoes in the tire they did well until we got to much rain and then before they got to mature they died due to too much rain our corn did not come up due to the amount of rain fall that we have got this year. so we tilled the corn rows under and I'm going to dig up the potatoes and see if there is any or not.

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Emerson, AR(Zone 8a)

This is an old thread but I wanted to give my two cents. Last year I grew potatoes for the first time. We are getting older so I wanted to grow in containers. That way, I could just lay down a tarp or shower curtain, dump the container, pick through for potatoes, & then dump all the soil back into the containers.

I grew in these rubber totes I got from the dollar store, plastic totes, & tires (because my husband said they could be used for something 'someday' & now the trash people won't pick them up).

First, I don't recommend clear plastic totes for outside container gardening. They become brittle & break easily when you try to move them. I broke MANY pieces (which I then had to pick up) trying to move it, more pieces when I finally managed to get it on a dolly/hand truck. A whole side basically broke off in pieces as I tried to tip it over so I had to sift through the soil for potatoes & pieces of plastic.

The rubber totes held up & I will be using those again this year. I got these plastic box things from the produce department at a local grocery store. I plan to use those as my base & stack tires on those. We'll see how that does. It will look a bit trashy but I'm in a rural area, with no neighbors, & will be putting this in the back anyway.

I know I made a couple mistakes & plan to correct those this year. First, I put too many potato pieces in each container. I noticed my potato yield in both amount & size of potato was much better in the containers where I only had 1 or 2, depending on the size of container. It means more containers but I can always find something to grow in them.

Another mistake I think I made was not adding a little soil as the green appeared. I didn't stay on top of it & all of a sudden, had large plants.

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