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Wilmer, AL(Zone 9a)

I am retired military, 20 yrs/half-pension. I was gifted 80 acres of raw, wooded land from my grandparents, and will inherit 220 more acres from my parents, leaving me sitting in the middle of 300 acres of raw land for which I paid zero! I live in a 23 ft camper trailer very comfortably. The camper is anchored to an 80'x50' slab (12" thick). I pay NO electric, water, sewage, trash pick-up...I have a 7.5 KW water turbine in the stream at the rear of my property and it works great. Also have a good well and large septic tank. The camper is all-electric and I have an oversize mini-fridge, range/oven, microwave, and a large crock pot, along with a large box freezer, which sits outside in a weatherproof enclosure. Have been living here since I retired two years ago, and I love it!! Also have two very large dogs..male and female, half Mastiff, half Rottweiler. Entire property is surrounded by a three strand, barbed wire fence, and I have the immediate 5 acres around the camper fenced in with 8' cyclone fence. I have an approximately 1 acre garden, planted with a variety of things from Asparagus to Zucchini, and roughly 2/3 of my produce gets sold at the Farmer's Market a couple miles down the road. My nearest neighbor lives about a mile away, and raises beef cattle.

My pension isn't all that much, but it serves me well because I have very few expenses. Fuel/oil/insurance for my pickup truck, and the basics...flour, sugar, salt/pepper, condiments, eggs/cheese, and some soups are about all I get from the store. 90% of my meat is wild game, and my veggies are from the garden. If there is a less expensive way to live, I'm not aware of it.

Any suggestions/ideas as to the garden, fruit trees, berry bushes, etc., would be appreciated...always room for improvement!

My only real fear here is a major hurricane, CAT 3 or above. Campers are not designed to withstand hurricanes!! Am thinking about getting a small, one bedroom, "shed home."

Y'all have a blessed day!

Rolling Meadows, IL

Hello! Let`s meet. I visit this forum quite often because I have very big garden with many flowers, vegetables and trees. I`m a retired woman too. Now I`m looking for more friends for talking here and on because I feel a little bit lonely. My family lives in another country, but I don`t have friends in my city.

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Oakland Gardens, NY

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Victoria Harbour, ON

Look forward to visiting with you all

Houston, United States

Hello! I am new to the forum. My name is Eddie and I own a fence and landscaping company in Houston! My fencing company also builds wood decks and raised garden beds. I look forward to meeting y'all.


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