Last Frost yet?

(Zone 7a)
There are a total of 16 votes:

Last Frost? We still have snow!!!
(0 votes, 0%)
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Don't know for sure, but things are definitely warmer.
(5 votes, 31%)
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Lots of greenery and there's no chance of frost from now on.
(8 votes, 50%)
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Frost? What's that?
(2 votes, 12%)
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I'm in the Southern Hemisphere and it's heading into Fall.
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Other? (tell us)
(1 votes, 6%)
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Millbury, MA(Zone 5a)

Our frost-free date has generally been around the 20th of May. I think we've moved up half a zone in the past few years, but I'd still be afraid to put tender plants out yet.

Tobyhanna, PA(Zone 5a)

In our neck of the woods (or should I say mountain region of Tobyhanna, PA, - zone 5a) we have had frosts occur as late as Memorial Day Weekend and even early June. We are the last to green-up in the Spring ... and we can start losing our beautiful Fall colors very early in September. We have had snowstorms on Halloween. Mother Nature can be very temperamental : (

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