Composted leaves, clippings, woodchips = Organic?

Marshfield, MA

Ornamentals i grow around the house and produce I grow in a "community garden". The powers that be have degreed that the gardens be 105% organic. They have not however provided any guidance to the gardeners on what qualifies as organic in real world scenarios. It's not a problem for me because 5 years ago I started covering my three 20x30ft plots with cardboard and chopped leaves and more than a few truckloads of seaweed and now every year it all gets additional leaves and seaweed piled on. I also get great quantities of leaves and woodchips rooted thru and pooped on by a pile of pigs.
The agricultural committee has decided that the free compost at the town transfer station can no longer be used because people use pesticides and herbicides on their lawns and that carries through to the finished product. My position is that it's as organic as commercially produced hay because broadleaf herbicides are used on commercial hay fields which can cause major problems in a veggie garden. I also opine that horse manure is not organic because of all the dewormer the horses usually get also deworms your garden for many years to come.
The free compost provided by the town is about the only thing the other gardeners can use to add loft and nutrients to their plots with limited effort. Realistically we would all like to have unlimited access to blood meal, bone meal, green sand, crushed shells, etcetera but who can afford that? I've been screaming into the wind that no pesticides or herbicides or inorganic fertilizer be used is a fine policy but not allowing the gardeners to garden using free compost or even black plastic or weed barriers is utopian at best.
I guess all I'm really looking for is your opinions on compost and mulch from the town. Is it toxic? Is it organic? Or is it as good as it's going to get for the average weekend farmer. If it isn't strictly "organic" what are the alternatives? If it's not obvious I do not like being told how to garden by people who love the term organic but who have no idea what it entails and who have never even stuck a shovel in the ground. Arg... these are the same people who shot down a dog park because the poop was going to poison the aquifer 100ft down. That's a lot of poo.
Thanks for letting me vent.

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