Best/Worse/What did I learn today? Chat with friends old and new!!

Victoria Harbour, ON

Moved from here..

Lordy, donít know about you Dianne but the winds are so high here that lights are flickering, can hear all the wind chimes just a singing..brrrr
Good day to be a couch potatoe.

Darlene dropped in for half an hour, we put momís quilt rack together, gave her a driftwood mobile, she just loved Iím back on the couch, just fell asleep when she called, had forgot to tell me about a friend who had passed.

Will help Melanie by staining her momís quilt rack, had thought of putting Sharons quilt on the frame then maybe have a nap..but think the loading quilt on frame might have to wait as Iím tired today.😴

Can always dream of the beauty YET to come

Big sigh, so Mach work to do..

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Victoria Harbour, ON

I know Iím not terminally ill, nope, just body paining but Iím sure that my friend have a schedule, can almost bet on it to be checking up on me lol

Linda just came for a 1 1/2 hr visit from Barrie, always nice to see her..she brought me two sets of 3 burning solar logs, now50 find a place to set them.

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Victoria Harbour, ON

Hope the link brings you here..

Melanie just left so think I will take that hot bath Iíve been longing to take.

(Linda Kay) Del Rio, TX(Zone 9a)

You need a firepit. Those are beautiful.
Thanks for the link.

Verona, ON

Thanks for the new room Betty.

Pouring rain here and it looks like that is what is in the forecast for the day. Wouldn't you know someone came to install the pet gate at the top of the stairs of the deck yesterday and the sky opened up so he hopes he can finish it today.

Nothing much planned here for the weekend. What is everybody else up to ?

Victoria Harbour, ON

Morning everyone..rainy day, cold and dampness just gets to your bones..yuk
Much the same weather as you have Diane and it doesnít look like itís going to improve over the next few days, sure puts one behind in garden work.hope you are able to get the gate installed then th can have some freedom to run on deck..will be nice for them.

I have a young gentleman scheduled for Monday to wash the house and the decks so hope we at least have a dry day so he can get it done.

Not much going on this weekend, mom is coming on Monday so will celebrate Motherís Day then, Jeff is in Aruba and doesnít get home till late Sunday, Gregís workers are on strike so heís working a lot of hours so I donít want to get him to do a lot of what is on my Motherís Day list, next weekend is a long weekend so likely will get my list done them and besides might be better weather as itís all outdoor work.

Linda Kay saw and the flyers yesterday there is a fire pit on sale this weekend, donít know if itís a small one, Go to town Iíll have to check it out might be perfect but before I invest in more money I want to make sure that the logs Have a nice flicker glow like I want but I canít do that until we get some sun to energize the solar in them

Talk about a lazy on, still in nightly,enjoying a coffee,Not a lot to do today so Iíll just enjoy being lazy, if stain is dry Iíll put Melanieís moms quilt ladder together then just laze around and do little things...

Maryville, TN(Zone 7a)

All that sleep yesterday and I just got up an hour ago. Not much steam so a lazy day for me. I will have to unpack and most likely laundry. Not so lazy after all.

Victoria Harbour, ON

Thatunpacking and laundry can wait Karen, recoup your energy..really bad flu bugs going around this year, touch wood I didnít get it..

worked outside for an hour, game, but weeds come out easily, Iíve a hankering for fries and gravy, itís been 6 months since my emerge trips so maybe Iíll pass..havenít had deep fried foods,hate to test.

Guess Iíll have something not to my liking lol

(Pat) Kennewick, WA(Zone 5b)

Nothing like good old aversion therapy!!! Those fries & gravy don't sound so great then!

Victoria Harbour, ON

Sunshine day today, cool though but better than rain, calling for same tomorrow, sunshine 2 days in a row...excited about that.

Iím up and ready to tackle the day..Greg is coming over to help me with is that Debbie? Matter of emptying it, cleaning it then tomorrow hopefully get it filled and working.

Got a call yesterday to say they were delivering my new lawn mower, although in Jammieís thinking that would be it for the day I went out and did some raking, they had a last minute order so they didnít get here nearing 5:45 ..I managed to get all that earth raked from the plowing pushing earth from the driveway into the grass, I sure was sore by the time they came but Iím glad that section is done.

Waiting for pain meds to kick in then I might put the patio cushions out and enjoy for the next few days.

Starting to see the end to the cleaning Then comes taking the turf out of the gardens, just a couple areas need more attention than another van I can plant all those perennials I just bought.

I Enjoy doing the walk around in the mornings again because each morning thereís such a change in the shrubs and the plants hard to believe just weeks ago there with snow.

Pat, I ended up with the peanut butter jam sandwich,Not too exciting but beats taking a chance with the fries and gravy.

Hope you are all getting fantastic weather Iím sure your gardens are all in bloom, pictures please!

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(Linda Kay) Del Rio, TX(Zone 9a)

Beautiful lawn mower.

Victoria Harbour, ON

Greg gave me a lesson this morning, he put the pump in the pond and itís tempting. Heís going to get a few things we need and he needs for next weeks camping trip and hopefully by the time he comes back the pond will be empty. I can take the hose and wash the liner then it had to empty again and by morning pond should be up and Running, Easy street after that..

Well not quite, the back garden directly in front of the patio has been overtaken by various ground cover. What about a third cleaned and wonít overdo because my shoulders are sore, tomorrow Iíll get another third done then a little here and there and I can plant all the perennials I bought.

Best I make sandwiches, should just order a pizza but then Iíd be tempted to have a slice and Iím worried about the grease in a pizza so itís dullsville got me..guess a ham sandwich will have to do

(Pat) Kennewick, WA(Zone 5b)

Ya, Pizza sounds GOOD, but not worth pain!!
I've got a hardy hibiscus that barely peeked thru ground last week and its 12 inches tall already! I have color starting to show on peonies. My variegated iris plants are more than 1/2 bloomed already! Dogwood starting to drop it's leaves. I missed getting a picture of it this year, it's so beautiful! LOVE that tree.
Ben bought me a purple Japanese lace maple and I have to find a place for it. I wish I could kill the wisteria next to the pond and plant it there but I would NOT be successful getting rid of the wisteria!! It tries to climb and strangle my dogwood. I have another wisteria at the front of the patio so getting rid of the one at the other end of patio would be FINE. *sigh*

Victoria Harbour, ON

Happy motherís day everyone, Motherís of furries as well..
Darn, that weatherman lied, said a sunshine day today, guess pond wonít get up and running today..

Here pat Iíve tried to grow wisteria and it just wonít you plants are growing in leaps and bound.likely no flowers until June.

Ziggy wants out, time to get dressed and decide what the day will bring..

(Linda Kay) Del Rio, TX(Zone 9a)

Happy mother's day!

Victoria Harbour, ON

Ended up not the nicest of days but didnít rain andpond is up and running..gregjust left to pickup Chinese food, mouth watering, only had peanut butter sandwich around noon..

What did you all get up to today?

(Linda Kay) Del Rio, TX(Zone 9a)

Glad to hear you have your pond running.
Not much going on here. Just being lazy. Talked to bot of my boys on the phone.

Victoria Harbour, ON

That is nice LIndakay...Greg and I are watching Notebook, had our Chinese so tummysfull.

Girls come tomorrow, almost wish they didnít,would be nice to sleep in,as though I could.

(Pat) Kennewick, WA(Zone 5b)

Yeah, missed my opportunity to send a Mother's day card from her new cat to my best friend. Maybe I'll do better with the other holidays!

I finally got the sanding done on the nightstands, then sprayed black in prep for painting white and distressing them. I hope to get ONE coat of white paint on today. I never seem to get this project DONE... Two simple nightstands, should NOT be a long drawn out project!!

(Pat) Kennewick, WA(Zone 5b)

Weather is hot and I have been trying to get all my hoses and soaker hoses set up in flowerbeds and it is NOT working. EVEN brand new hoses and soakers are leaking. SOOO frustrating, it's not like I mis-threaded them. I had son do the connections. Disappointing and a little scary. I have everything planted and there is NO way I can keep it all alive if I can't get the soaker system working right.

I'll work on the nightstands a while. Maybe I can experience some success there...


Hi all - I'm still alive & kicking lol Sorry the weather's been less than cooperative for you, Betty. We had 22c esterday, and 25c today - very nice & sunny. It thought about raining, and actually did - for 5 min each day Just a little sprinkle.
Got the tomatoes, potatoes, zucchini, geraniums & morning glories planted. Got most of the garden area cleaned up, and Bob moved a lot of timber we have laying around, next to the shed. Yard's looking better. Tomorrow, maybe we'll put up our new "tear drop" chair - you can either put it on a swivel stand or hang it from a post.

Victoria Harbour, ON

Morning all, pouring rain today, so much for Cody coming to spray wash house and do decks..not sure when he is off again so I will have to be patient.

Starting to come together out there, love looking out and seeing the pond spraying about 8í high,love the sound, and just this weekend the growth in the plants and shrubs and tree leaves starting to open..miracles for sure..after all this rain I might just get to cut grass lol.

That chair sounds nice Susan,bet you will have hours of too are getting a lot done.

Last week I made notes on calendar of daily outdoor tasks I wanted to do outside this week, looks like Iíll get little to nothing done with rain in forecast almost every day.patience, patience right?


it's another lovely day outside. Not as sunny, but still 18c / 64F

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Victoria Harbour, ON

I sat in one a few years ago and it was comfy, but tried without base and would have killed myself im sure if I used it that way..

Mom is here for a few days, been raining all day, chilled to the bones..brrrr

(Linda Kay) Del Rio, TX(Zone 9a)

I love that chair.

(Pat) Kennewick, WA(Zone 5b)

The chair is VERY cute but I think it would not fit me at ALL... just not a shape that is conductive to feeling good for me.
Keepsake calico was on sale at JoAnns for 70% with ap so bought some... ok... maybe a lot? LOL... $95 worth became just $36 with tax when I got done! I'll have to try to get some pictures.

ALMOST have the 2 nightstands done. I think I can finish tonight. A very primitive look with the white, not completely covering the black, the paint a little rough and distressed edges. I like it, it's not a look that appeals to everybody.

Son took out all the north wisteria next to the pond and I'll check it later and see if it is an acceptable local for the red lace Japanese maple tree that Ben bought me for mother's day.

Son got the old metal arch back up with reinforcements of rebar into the ground, cut white picket fence for either side. Nothing but visual candy, NO purpose as there is no gate and the yard is not completely enclosed... just for me, cuz I like the way it looks! I hope he can finish the picket fence attachment tomorrow get some white paint on the picket fence. The picket fence was once a head board I made for our bed.
Got haircut and shopped at thrift store with Sis. She bought 11 denim items: shorts, jeans, a skirt and capris, 2 knit shirts AND 2 Cabbage patch dolls & 3 ring binders and got it all for $52.

(Linda Kay) Del Rio, TX(Zone 9a)

Pat, glad to hear you got good bargains at keepsake and the thrift shop.

(Pat) Kennewick, WA(Zone 5b)

I did get the nightstands done last night and moved into the guest room this morning.

I do want Ben to reinforce ONE drawer and I took it to the garage for him. It is cheap drawer with router slot along the inside of 3 sides, the thin board slides in & is tacked in with staples. Like is common with those, the tacks have come out and the easier way to fix is to take out staples, reslide in, add wood glue to the groves they slide in and then reinforce with 1/4 round glued and nailed in. I could do it but it Ben a way to do something and feel more useful.
Pictures tonight hopefully.

Maryville, TN(Zone 7a)

Great deal on the fabric Pat, I love when JoAnn has a sale like that. They had patriotics on sale after the fourth last year. I spent about $250 , but got over $850 in fabrics. I bought full bolts.

Lyndonville, NY

OH BETTY! So proud of you letting Greg help, and happy you have the pump.
You needed that for years. NOW, learn to sit and rest.

Enjoy your time with Mom. Both of you behave! Give her hug for me.

I hope you all had a nices Mother's Day. Furries are kids too!

It is COLD here. I think it said 40s out there, and we had a frost warning other night.

Trying to find my new insurance card, I put it somewhere safe. Good grief.

Waving to all

Victoria Harbour, ON

Afternoon all, not sunny but rain stopped..Cody called at nine to say he would come at noon and noon he got here..

Pat and Karen what a bargain, Iíve not been checking sales at joanneís as Iíve depleted my bank account lol canít have workers do yard, house maintenance,repair self propelling lawnmower, buy new lawnmower and have $$$ for fabric, as though I donít have enough lol.

Youíve gotten so much done Pat, looking forward to photoís

Girls just left, Juanita took momís dog for a haircut, Cody is working hard doing the decks, will take him forever Iím sure just on decks let alone house and eaves..
Mom left this morning at nine to visit aunt Mariel Visiting her brother Don...

Iím hungry, left over Chinese food awaits me

Victoria Harbour, ON

Heading to bed, busy day, girls, then Cody, Melanie, then tv bingo, nope didnít win.

Now that all the decks are dry they look new, I did a bit around the rhubarb leaves, need to buy black mulch once I dig up overgrowth on right of them..

If it doesnít rain tomorrow Darlene will come over with chain saw and weíll cut down some saplings and tree overgrowth, hoping to get the other half of one of the gardens done big sigh, almost there..soon timeto enjoy..

Wishful thinking seeing they are calling for rain 11 out of 14 days..

How did your day go

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I love the rain - it's so Dry around here that it's a good thing. Especially as I've got my garden newly planted....

I love this - try to live by it, but it's hard. Who ever said anything worth doing was easy was SO wrong.

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(Pat) Kennewick, WA(Zone 5b)

I've always thought that was a beautiful piece. So gentle and true.

Maryville, TN(Zone 7a)

My day was going great until my foot slipped when I was moving my sewing chair. Really rammed it into the leg of my sewing table. Said a few choice words and promptly forgot about it as I was busy. Two quilts I need to finish the binding on.
Any how I was changing into my PJs and took off my slippers. My toe was covered in blood and my slipper had quite a puddle in it. Looks like I knocked the toenail loose. Might have to get it looked at tomorrow. as I'm diabetic and don't have full feeling in my feet and lower legs. Don't want to chance losing a toe or foot. Happened to my friend from stepping on a tack.

(Linda Kay) Del Rio, TX(Zone 9a)

Oh no. Please get it looked at Karen.

Maryville, TN(Zone 7a)

Going in today.

(Pat) Kennewick, WA(Zone 5b)

Good idea Karen, please keep us posted.


good morning, all

(Linda Kay) Del Rio, TX(Zone 9a)

Where is everyone?

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