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Grove City, OH

Hi everyone! I just bought a new house, and while I was wanting to garden, I figured I would wait a year or two after things have settled down a bit (I also have a new baby). Howver, there seems to already be a garden here with a lot of plants and flowers.

I have zero experience with gardening, so I'm wondering: do I need to worry about things like fertilizing, pruning, etc right now, or will these plants survive if I dont manage to do all of that this year?

Also, I'm not quite sure what all the plants are, but I think I've been able to identify a few. There's a peony bush (the buds haven't opened yet), some columbine flowers, bleeding hearts, tulips, daffodils, a rose bush, a couple lilac bushes, and what I think is some sort of purple phlox?

I've also noticed some weedy looking flowers in random spots of the yard. I think one is fleabane, and then some little yellow daisy-looking things. I kind of like them and am wondering if there is a way to make them grow in specific areas, where they wont get run over with the lawn mower.

And last question, I think it would be cool to maybe cut some flowers for a vase. Which ones would be okay to cut, and any tips on doing so without harming the plant?

Union, SC(Zone 7b)

Hi Genovelle, it sounds like you have landed in a good spot if you have any interest in the garden. You seem like you are well read so far and I would encourage you to do just that. Iím a rookie myself. Enjoy.

Northampton, PA

Hey genavelle, can you please post pictures of your garden? So that I can give you a proper advice. Until then you can check these lawn maintenance tips.[email protected]/48096906557/in/dateposted-public/ , surely it will help you.

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Centreville, VA

photos, please!
I'm relearning gardening after also buying a new house and what worked before (large, open yard in a single family home ) doesn't work in this one (townhouse and a butthead puppy).
What I did in our last yard (which I put in some of what you are describing, including peony) was look around at what seemed to escape yards and grow semi-wild. Then planted that so I DIDN'T have to do all the fertilizing and care.
Our peony didn't take much. It was herbaceous so I just hacked back the dead stuff each year and deadheaded the blossoms as they wilted. Never move a peony. It made pretty cut blooms, but it also attracted ants. So bringing them in the house sometimes made unpleasantness.
the lilac, tulips, daffodils, had no such negative affect. And for them? Nothing on the lilac. Lilac grows wild in VA (and I assume OH too) and so feel free to totally neglect it. I did. It grew like mad and even when I tried to get rid of it (allergies) I couldn't. The tulips, daffodils, and other bulbs i dug up every several years and would redistribute. The dying back greens at the end of growing season I would just chop with scissors so it didn't look messy. Other than that, nothing.
I put in bleeding heart, too. That seemed to struggle, but I think that was rabbits (same with my hostas). I wouldn't put those in a cutting arrangement.

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