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What kind of birds are nested here above our door?

Georgetown, TX

This is the second year these birds have built a nest over our front door. We don't know much about birds, but we are careful to not disturb them.

This is in the Central Texas area.

Thumbnail by Craymer
Gahanna, OH(Zone 6b)

I believe they’re swallows.

Georgetown, TX

Quote from ohiogardens :
I believe they’re swallows.

Thank you. I looked up Swallow and do believe you're right. It said they nest in the same place each year and make their nests from mud, which is what this nest is. They also like to dive bomb anything that gets too close.

Last year they did dive bomb at us, this year so far they are not doing that. I have stood out on the front porch with them perched up on their nest, no more than 8 feet away from me and talk to them. No, I don't expect them to talk back to me, but I am hoping they adjust to our presence enough that they are not startled or angry when we are around.

I am considering placing a wireless camera on the opposite end of the patio ceiling, pointing into their nest so we can watch them and their eggs. Would love to record the hatching.

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