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Morristown, NJ

You all helped me with the back yard in this thread , almost 5 years ago.

Now time to tackle the front. (My house on the left) . The lawn is all torn up because of water line replacement, and installation of the white fence.

Looking for suggestions / cautions as I consider some DIY landscaping.

- some sort of mulch area , with plants and a small ( 10-12 foot) springtime-flowering tree at this end of the fence
- extend this area back towards the front walk area so it all looks harmonious
- minimize the sight line along the side of the house ( keeping curb appeal in mind, I canít really think why I Ďd want to draw the eye down there). Although there is a gate at the back, perhaps a simple path
- minimize / eliminate the amount of lawn down the side of the house
- low maintenance. Iím OK with fall and spring cleanups, pruning, and watering. And if the tree needs pruning to keep from growing more than 10-12 feet, and to keep its branches from extending over the property line, Iím OK with that too
- accommodate those two downspouts
- as part of this project I do need to address uneven ground where rainwater tends to pool, the area immediately to right of where the Belgium block curves. So will introduce a gentle slope (2 inches higher than current) from the blocks, towards the fence

Thanks in advance for any guidance!

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Northampton, PA

Firstly, create a healthy lawn. Conduct soil test and add organic fertilizers accordingly. Choose the best grass seeds for the lawn and water it regularly.
Thereafter, you can create a small vegetable garden in the narrow space beside the white fence. Also, to enhance the landscaping area, plant beautiful flowers, create a fire pit and use white stones to decorate the garden. Here are few tips to spruce up your landscaping:

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