How to tell weeds from seedlings?

Lake Geneva, WI

Is there a good way to tell seedlings from weeds? I have stuff growing everywhere, and I have no idea how to tell. I'm in south eastern Wisconsin. I planted a few seeds last fall and had some plants in there that reseed, but there was a huge weed growth. I don't want to pull up plants.

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Powder Springs, GA(Zone 7b)

If you can't ID the seedling as a weed or a desired flower, just let them be until they do flower. You will eventually be able to ID noxious weed seedlings and desirables the longer you garden. We used to buy flats of Impatiens every year but after 2 to 3 years I noticed all these seedlings we had been removing that may just be Impatiens. I let them go one year and we had oodles of Impatiens. Never bought another Impatiens plant after that revelation. Same thing for the Chicory I noticed yesterday after waiting over a year for it to finally bloom. I thought it was a weed similar to wild lettuce but knew I sowed some seed in that spot so took my chances on letting it flower.

You could remove all seedlings and just buy the plants in flower to put in the same spots to eliminate all doubt but it will cost you more.

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