Weed and Feed

Mason City, IA

Hello All!

Trying to be an over achiever, I put weed and feed down where I planned garden just before tilling. Did I just destroy my chances of a successful and prosperous first year garden. I applied 2 days ago and tilled yesterday..

Thank You in advance for your advice and or suggestions..

Scott County, KY(Zone 5b)

You will probably have mass failure of any seeds you plant - depending what chemicals/pesticides are in the weed and feed you applied.

Planting whole plants (from containers) should not be adversely affected.

Northampton, PA

No, you don't destroyed the chances of a beautiful garden but be careful from next time. Many weed and feed have chemical pesticides which helps to destroy the garden. So, it is better to create a beautiful garden in natural way. These are the tips you can check for, https://infograph.venngage.com/ps/CVoICLitFyY/tips-for-lawn-maintenance

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