Squirrelsa and chipmunk problems

Lake Geneva, WI

I have read up and found some plants that supposedly squirrels and chipmunks avoid, but I am having problems finding out which ones they love to eat. I was hoping to test out the garlic/ chilies, but didn't want to do it to all plants of not necessary. Any other ideas for keeping them off my porch and out of my container plants would be very welcome, just year, plants would routinely just disappear or just be dug up and left on the porch.

Natick, MA(Zone 6a)

I can tell you that chipmunks' favorite plant to eat is zinnia. Second favorite is aster. I have many varieties of flowers in my cottage type garden and the zinnias are eaten down to the ground quickly. I have sprayed with hot sauce and garlic spray and it does not deter chipmunks. Good Luck!

Natick, MA(Zone 6a)

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Silex, MO

I have a problem squirrel that comes onto my deck and cuts off branches , DOES NOT EAT of petunias and rhipsalis. In fact if it faintly resembles a petunia, it get sheared. WHY JUST CUT OFF AND NOT EAT.

Watermill, NY

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Watermill, NY

I am sad to hear chipmunks like zinnias. I grew a ton of them from seed and was just about to start planting them outdoors. My yard usually has at least 2 chipmunks, sometimes 3.
Last year was the first time I planted zinnia for butterflies. Since it rains a lot I chose profusion zinnia, which is mildew resistant. They grew into lovely flowers and were resistant to mildew but attracted zero butterflies. Thatís when I delved further and found hybridized flowers tend not to produce nectar/pollen, something many Internet articles promoting zinnia as a butterfly plant forget to mention. Live and learn.

Looks like Iím going to learn a new lesson this year.

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