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Monroe, LA(Zone 8b)

Hello new friends!

Before I start submitting my zip code for all the plants I’ve been growing here in north Louisiana, I have a question. What exactly are the criteria for answering “yes” to “Does this plant grow in your area?”

For example, Aloe vera: mine is outside most of the year except Dec-Mar and it’s HUGE. But I bring it inside during winter. So yes, I am growing it here (very successfully)... but it probably wouldn’t do well in the ground because we get a decent number of overnight freezes (and sometimes exorbitant winter rainfall and flooding). So is a situation like this still considered a “yes”?

I know some people put their zip code regardless (I see someone reported that A. vera grows in Michigan), but I’m asking if this is bad practice or the norm.


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(Zone 9b)

Welcome! It is great you are going to add to PlantFiles!

I remember wondering this same thing years ago. I think I decided to only add my zip code if the plant could survive outside with no help. You can always add a note under your photo how it survives over winter or even in a comment at the bottom of the entry.

Monroe, LA(Zone 8b)

Thank you Kell! That's what I was leaning towards.

New Plymouth, ID

Yeah, I kind of wondered what was meant by it, too. It could mean many things (e.g. native plants, native or feral plants, the stuff you said, plants that are able to be feral plants, etc.) I grow vegetables and herbs, mostly; so, for plants commonly grown as annuals, I figure I add them if I or someone else in the area had success growing them in the ground without particularly special treatment. If they survived but didn't do too well (or if they died), I don't feel like it's to the purpose to add them. If they require too long of a season, I don't like to add them, either. For potted plants that are indoors the whole time, I wouldn't bother adding them based on that, but if they're outside part of the year, I don't know. I wouldn't add them, personally (unless they can be grown to some satisfaction in one season without being in a container), but I can understand if someone else would.

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