Advice: Large hedge required to grow 6-10m high

Sydney, Australia

Hello All,

Hope you can share some advice with me.

I am wanting to plant a hedge that will grow quite large, say 6m in height. Maybe even 10m max. I have included a photo of my backyard, so you can see the house behind me that i want to screen out.

I don't want to go to 'crazy' and plant something like a leighton green, they just grow too big and will block way too much light etc etc and probably really annoy my neighbours in 10-15 years.

I also don't want to prune the hedge, as I want it to be tall, eg 6m-10m, so i really don't fancy pruning something at that height.

Is "Goodbye neighbours" a good choice for this application or will it grow too big 15-20m in height? Or do they only get up to 10m max?

Do you recommend anything else? I am in Sydney, just a tad north of the Harbour Bridge.

Look forward to your recommendation and I hope to see you soon.

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