Plant identification plus fiddle leaf concern

Hi everyone.
Iím a beginner plant lady although I have had plants for years Iíve never really known how to care for them.
I have one plant in particular that is labelled as a ctenanthe sp. but I am starting to think it has been mislabelled. I believe it may actually be a Stromanthe Triostar.
Iíve attached a photo of my plant and I would really appreciate your opinions.
I would like to be able to care for it accurately and if it has been mislabelled then perhaps I need to be doing it differently.

Also... my fiddle leaf fig has dimples. It had these when I purchased it from Bunnings in Australia, but I assumed the plant would grow out of them. Itís been at least 9 months now since I brought it home.
Itís winter in Australia right now so Iím scared to put it too close to the window.
It has grown its first 2 leaves in the last month since owning it and the newest leaf is also beginning to dimple.
Iíve just repotted it into a self watering pot.
What am I doing wrong?

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Powder Springs, GA(Zone 7b)

I thought Stromanthe too but not the Triostar. I believe Stromanthe and Ctenanthe are related so the care should be very similar.

Thank you. Iím still convinced itís of the stromanthe family as itís foliage doesnít resemble the ctenanthe family foliage like the pictures in the link. However, if the care for it is similar then thatís ok. I mean Iíve had it for two years or so and itís still alive so I must be doing something ok. :)

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