White-Winged Dove

Aurora, CO(Zone 4b)

The other morning, I saw a bird that stopped me in my tracks. Our backyard hosts Mourning Doves and Eurasian Collared Doves, so I'm used to seeing them on the feeders. The other morning, a new guy showed up. He/she appeared to be about the same size as a Mourning Dove. The white stripe on his wings, his orangey/red eyes and dark blue eye mask sent me running for my camera and Peterson Guide, and then to Cornell. He perfectly matched the description of the White-Winged Dove, so I'm flabbergasted that he would end up this far North of his supposed Mexico/Southern Texas range. I'm pretty sure of the ID, but would very much appreciate any comments from other forum members regarding my hopes that he might have migrated here with his mate and possibly would hang around. He was here for two days, but I haven't seen him since. Such a delightful bird, and even sweeter than the Mourning Doves that I've come to love. Am adding a couple of photos. I'm intensely curious about this guy, and I know a lot of very knowledgeable folks use this forum, so I imagine somebody familiar with the species will see this post, and comment.

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Puyallup, WA(Zone 8b)

Yeah I agree with white winged dove. Canít think of anything else it could be. Did you submit the sighting to Cornell/ eBird? They have people who review submissions and they will contact you if they think itís incorrect or if they want more information.

Waihi, New Zealand(Zone 1)

White-winged dove (Zenaida asiatica)

Creola, AL

We have some coming up into Alabama now too. Surprised they made it up that far though.

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