Bugs on tomato plants

Florissant, MO

I have some aphids on the tomato plants. I gave them a good spraying with the hose today and knocked off most of the small white and green ones. However, there are a number of larger bugs of some sort remaining that I don't recognize. They hold on pretty tightly, so to remove them I need to use a brush or something.

I'm unsure if they are a problem or not. I can't specifically see any damage from them, but there are quite a few so I want to ID them before doing anything.

The two images are attached, the second the best close-up I could do.

Thumbnail by defaultuserbr Thumbnail by defaultuserbr
Minot, ND

They also are aphids; they appear to be 'mummified' as a result of being parasitized by a tiny wasp.

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