Passiflora Edulis / Purple Purple Passionfruit Water Propagation?

Providence, RI(Zone 6a)

Hey everyone!

Does anyone have experience rooting passionfruit cuttings in water? Thought I'd try it out, and was curious to see if anyone had some pointers! I've taken lots of cuttings, and I don't particularly need a high rate of success; more just experimenting to see if I can get this to work. Would love to hear your thoughts, anecdotes, and tips!


Fort Worth, TX

I do better with a root cutting. Are you trying to propagate incarnata, the lavender incense passionflower?

I re-read your title. I've had success with incarnata and the plain wild blue one, whatever it is, but by root cutting in very damp soil in shade so it doesn't dry out

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Virginia Beach, VA

I had with the fruiting passion vine but no success. Its very easy to propagate from the runners. i sold a lot this summer and they dont die during winter.
I also get a lot of runners at the country club where we golf.They have a lot all over.

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