What does CLOSED mean in Plant Identification posts.

Mims, FL

This is FLjunglewoman that just posted a picture of a plant and was wondering why all of the previous posts say CLOSED???

Closed means that the thread is no longer open for new posts. The top closed posts are also pinned and are there for informative purposes.

(Zone 9b)

Hi. You were on the Plant Identification Forum. Once the plant has been correctly IDed, as a courtesy the starter of the thread marks it closed so people know it was solved. The ones not marked closed, still need an ID though some people do neglect to close their threads.

IBtyen is right on all the other forums. But on the Plant Identification Forum, you can still post on closed threads.

I hope you get your ID.

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I just copied this for you, Fljunglwoman for an explanation.
"Do you have a mystery plant or tree? Post an image (preferred) and/or a detailed description, and your fellow gardeners will help you figure out what it is. Once you have a firm ID, please be sure to mark your thread as "closed" to keep it easy for everyone to find the un-identified threads! Note: if it's a bug you're trying to ID, try our new Bug ID forum ."

But now I am the one confused! LOL All the threads marked Closed are now gone!

I just went back to the Plant ID forum and noticed none are marked closed anymore and also there are only 3 pages left to the whole forum.

I am not sure when that all happened but I for 1 am sad that all those posts solved are now gone. I have gone back thru those thread quite a few times when I am looking for a plant I saw there.

(Zone 9b)

Well, now the threads marked closed are back! As are the 722 pages in the Plant Identification Discussion Forum. LOL

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