Hello everyone

Amelia Court House, VA(Zone 7b)

Hi all.

My name is Bobby. I live in central va(Piedmont region). I do have a background cultivating native and non-native carnivorous plants. Currently my interest is cultivating native edibles with an emphasis on strawberries, blueberries and grapes. Recently an annoyance has reignited a passion of mine.

It all started with fake strawberries. Oh how they annoyed me so I told myself that one day I'm going to build an army of wild strawberries and wipe them out!

I ended up on med leave from work which gave an abundance of time but not disposable income. After a quick look around the property I found some virginiana and another curious one that didn't look like either the fake or the virginiana.

After an Internet search to my surprise it was a different kind of wild strawberry which led me to download a field guide from the VDOF. I thought to myself that maybe I'll find a blueberry bush and call it a day but to my surprise I located a great number of fruit trees and bushes which made me suspicious due to the concentrations and varieties of fruit bearing plants.

After a wider search my suspicions were confirmed after locating pieces of farming relics and fence crows. It's pretty common in rural areas that subdivisions are born from old farm land and my plot must have been the orchard or part of it. Score!

Judging from the terrain and plant life the land must of had a bog or some body of water close by, so sad.

I have all the strawberry and blueberry varieties I want but would like to get more native grape species of North America so if you can help then please do!

My primary wish list grapes are the rock loving species rupestris and monticola

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