Help me find native grape vines

Amelia Court House, VA(Zone 7b)

I have have gotten a couple populations from neighbors who were going to destroy them.

But my general policy on my property is it is ok to take a few small plants but generally leave the established plants be.

If you have a grapevine around you do not mind parting with for whatever reason then please contact me and we can figure everything out to a conclusion that makes everyone happy.

I have the following:

Vitis riparia - riverbank grape

Vitia cineraria - winter grape

Vitia rotyndafolia- southern fox grape

Vitis labrusca - northern fox grape

Vitis aestavalis- summer grape

Amelia Court House, VA(Zone 7b)


Much has changed but still missing many.

So far I have not been able to get any vines from the west coast there are 3 called vitis californica aka California grape, vitis girdiana aka socal grape and vitis Arizonica aka canyon grape or Arizona grape.

Florida area grape called calusa grape

There is also a couple northern natives called vitis novae-anglea aka pilgrim grape

Vitis slavinii aka slavins grape

If anyone can help out please pm me.

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