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Amelia Court House, VA(Zone 7b)

First is a species specific but can you graft green canes?

Second is more of a general question. Same species can you graft 2 plants onto 1 root? I.e. 1 male and 1 female?

Third is specific to grapes can non-muscadine be grafted onto muscadine roots? I see there is much debate over the muscadine genus?

Lastly another general question can you graft more than 1 or even more than 2 different species onto the same root? Or is there some sort of rejection protocol plants use?

Personally I am good on space but it would definitely open up options for those who do not plus in regards to grapes in particular I have a pretty good sized riparia vine that I have started layering. Once a certain balance has been restored locally in regards to distribution on my property which will not take long since it is the second most abundant species I have. Which will also be affected by the discovery of the sex aka female to male will be 6:1 but whichever it is I suspect it is perfect since it had fruit and there were not any other mature vines close by.

But after local distribution I will still clone it for roots but even with good space the idea of a multi-species vine for specimen use is appealing since the number of pots and therefore maintenance to them is greatly reduced.

Magnolia, TX(Zone 9a)

Jujube rootstock is used on MANY fruit trees grafts, and there are many fruit trees that have 4 or 5? Different fruits grafted to them. Grapes are simply a long term wait for success. Don't think I would graft female/male components into grapes. Seedless means fruit without seeds or males close. Am sure there is info on grafting techniques around somewhere, isn't a need I have, as I only have weather conditions that makes everything an invasive.

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Amelia Court House, VA(Zone 7b)

Reason I was asking on the grapes is it would be neat to have a specimen vine with many different cane varieties grafted on as sort of a compact backup

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