Any ideas what this is and how I manage it?

Aylesbury, United Kingdom

I have no idea what this plant is, or if it is a weed? It has a hollow, celery like stalk and will not stop growing. Any assistance is greatly appreciated.

Thank you

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Watermill, NY

Itís a weed. Get rid of it by cutting it down, then use a weeding tool to pull out the root, or as much root as possible. At any rate donít let it reseed. I have to pull those things out every year.

Powder Springs, GA(Zone 7b)

Looks like Cardoon - thistle, globe artichoke.

San Francisco, CA


Oklahoma City, OK

Since you say it is like celery--do a search for Cardoon on Google photos--you will see some like this. I would let it grow to at least enjoy the pretty purple flowers. Are there thorns on the leaves at all? If not, it is probably Cardoon--I just purchased seed for these this spring...they are edible and highly prized. If you have a county home extension nearby, take close up photos and a some leaves to them or a good nearby plant nursery for identification. Do not eat unless someone can successfully Identify!! Here is info on Cardoon and photos added: 60 days. Although cardoon is relatively unfamiliar in American cuisine, it's been relished in the Mediterranean for centuries. Grown for its thick, fleshy stalks, it has a mild flavor reminiscent of artichoke hearts that lends itself to boundless culinary opportunities. Braised and topped with a cheese sauce, slow-cooked in a stew, or cut into sticks and deep-fried, this extraordinary vegetable can integrate into any meal. Typically growing to about 42 inches tall, these artichoke relatives will perennialize in zones 7 and warmer, producing for 6-7 years and reaching a final height of 6-8 feet.

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Oklahoma City, OK

One more photo--here is one just like yours - Cardoon.

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Powder Springs, GA(Zone 7b)

Artichokes at the Atlanta Botanical Garden last week.

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