ID - Similar to Snowflower (YUCATAN Region)

Playa del Carmen, Mexico(Zone 11)

This little flower (Correction - looks like Snowdrop) blooms in summer - buds for a couple of days, blooms for a couple of days - then done till next time.

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Richmond, TX

Also looks a bit like a crocus.

Playa del Carmen, Mexico(Zone 11)

I'm familiar with crocuses and this plant definitely resembles a crocus. But almost positive it's not a crocus. The manner in which it flowers is different - crocuses tend to bloom in a tighter clump (plus climate not the usual crocus climate). Though it could be some species of crocus unfamiliar to me.

Richmond, TX

Just a thought...

Crossroads, Russia

Perhaps some kind of white Zephyranthes?

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