A plant I have learned to love

Somers, NY

In Spring of 2017 I acquired the plant in the attached photo...I bought 4 of them and it had variegated yellow and green leaves and it took well in the location where I planted 4 of them. In the Spring of 2018, they came back well...but without variegated leaves. They flourished and became too large for the area that I had them in. So, in the Fall (2018) I transplanted them to a more suitable area for growing and this Spring (2019) they came back like gang-busters and almost immediately, they quadrupled in size and flowered for the first time...profusely. It was a wonderful thing to see...they were covered with pink/white blooms from the beginning of May through to the middle of June and even now in mid-July still have some remnant blooms. I can't recall the name of this plant and I want to get some more. I hope someone can ID them for me...THANKS...Alan

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Bretten, Germany

Symphytum grandiflorum?

Austell, GA(Zone 7a)

I agree - I know it by its common name - comfrey.

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