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Tree leaves have spots and are drying

Lake Geneva, WI

I don't know anything about trees, but I noticed our tree in the front has spots on the leaves and the leaves are turning Brien and drying up. Does anybody know what if causing this and how it can be fixed?

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Scott County, KY(Zone 5b)

They are not turning Brien....

It looks like you have a fine White Oak - Quercus alba - which, if you've had the wet weather this year that I think you have had, is probably experiencing a mild case of Oak Anthracnose.

This is a cosmetic leaf disease, which you should not worry about.

If you are not certain, clip off a branch and take it to your County Extension Service office and request a Diagnostic Lab test. UW-Madison has excellent facilities to resolve these kinds of questions. Alternatively, contact a local arborist (look for ISA certification!) and have someone make a house call for a diagnosis.

Lake Geneva, WI

We've had a lot of rain, thanks

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