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What tree is this?

Denton, TX

Hi all,
I am trying to identify this tree growing on my neighbors backyard next to the fence about 9ft tall with big leaves, and 5 skinny lobes, I have tried a few apps and it comes up as white mulberry or fig tree, however, it doesn’t seem to be any of those.

Thumbnail by Ricktx
Scott County, KY(Zone 5b)

Take and post more pictures. Show us the WHOLE plant, and then successively closer images of the plant's detailed parts. Show the base of the plant, the trunks/stems, show where leaves attach to the stem and any buds, flowers, fruit, etc. You can post up to 5 images at a time, and you can reply to your own posting with additional posts and more pictures. No end to info possible!

Random seedlings like this usually come from bird-deposited seeds, or seeds blowing in on the wind - so can be many different things. We need more evidence than just one leaf to properly ID the plant.

Denton, TX

Here are some extra photos, hopefully that helps to identify it.

Thumbnail by Ricktx Thumbnail by Ricktx Thumbnail by Ricktx Thumbnail by Ricktx Thumbnail by Ricktx

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