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Please? What is this herb?

Medford, OR(Zone 8b)

No one gave me any suggestions to go on last month, so here are some new photos of my mystery herb. Bought seeds as "orange thyme," but got these plants instead. Square stems. Strong oregano odor to leaves. New growth at base rather oregano-ish. But, the leaves are all wrong for any oregano I've ever seen. Long with a bit of serration, and no fuzz. Getting tall, and I snipped the top of one since it was starting side shoots, to see what happens. Fast grower.
Any ideas at all?

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Austin, TX

It's something that is related to mint---Basil, oregano, bee balm, catnip, salvias, savory, and thyme are just a few. In the very last photo it looks like a sage to me, but you said the leaves aren't hairy.
Anything gone to flower yet? That will help ID it.

Medford, OR(Zone 8b)

No, not hairy, and not a sage. It smells just like my other kinds of oregano, but the leaves are all wrong. It hasn't flowered yet, I just grew it from seed this year. The leaves are like none of my other herbs you mention, and I have several kinds of all of them! The babies coming up from the roots look more like oregano, the leaves are rounder until they get bigger, but they are not fuzzy and not thick. Very thin leaves, and as you can see, narrow, pointed, and serrated edges.

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