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How do I make my mint look healthier? At the moment itís looking brown, limp and very sad. I water it daily but it doesnít seem to be helping

I want to help you, but my mint always dies as well. :P

Actually, here's a little more constructive reply:

You say you water every day. How much water is that usually, and does your mint have good drainage? Its roots could die if it gets too soggy.

If the drainage is fine and the watering isn't excessive, then how do you fertilize your mint? If you give it too much fertilizer, its leaves could get burnt and brown. When you fertilize, you should add only a small amount and keep the soil moist (but not soggy) so the plant can absorb the nutrients without getting overloaded.

And what potting material do you use? While I haven't successfully grown mint myself, I know it needs fairly light potting material and not something heavy like clay. If the potting material is too heavy, it could prevent your pot from draining properly, and that could lead your mint to rot.

Besides all that, you have to check and make sure that your plant isn't getting burnt to a crisp by the sun as well. Depending on where you live, shade/semi-shade might help with that.

Those are just some general gardening tips. Because I'm not a pro, I'm not sure how useful my tips are, but I hope they help.

If you could show me a picture of your mint, I could also take a look and try to figure out with you about what's wrong if you want.

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