Araucaria repotting

Parsippany, NJ

Hello all; I'm looking for advice on an Araucaria tree my family has as an indoor plant. It was sold as a Norfolk Island pine tree (no scientific name) at a local grocery store during the winter holiday season back in 2006. I figure it's probably A. columnaris, A. heterophylla, or a hybrid.

1. What size pot should I get for it? It's grown quite a bit since 2006... It's now 50 inches tall and 58 inches across at the widest point. I'm not sure how tall I should expect it to get indoors. As long as it stays small enough to fit out the door when I move from this house I'm fine to let it grow bigger. I am in USDA grow zone 6b so the winters are too cold for this to ever be an outdoor tree.

2. Do I need to be careful about the soil I use? So far this has been pretty low maintenance. We used whatever soil it was sold with plus some standard bagged potting soil (can't remember exactly what it was).

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Powder Springs, GA(Zone 7b)

Eventually it will get so big you will have a hard time finding space for it. I have had a few over the decades and I finally gave up on trying to keep it in a small defined space.

Good potting soil should be fine as I used Miracle Gro potting mix in the past. Pot size is up to you - the bigger the pot, the faster the plant will grow and the bigger it will get.

I think this one I had at our last house was over six feet tall in a fairly small clay pot.

This is what they were selling at our Kroger's at Xmas. Most will end up on the compost heap in a few months.

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