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North Charleston, SC

Good morning all,
I am new-ish to gardening. I've had some small ground based gardens and have tended my grandparents gardens growing up. I'm looking to start some planter based gardens using recycled wood racks that I will build planters out of.
I have a general idea for the size and depth I need for the planters but I am looking for information regarding what soil I should put in my planters for best results. I live the Charleston, SC so I'm in zone 9a and we are approaching our fall planting season. Since it is blistering hot I know I need to keep moisture in the soil to not char my plants in the afternoon sun. I am looking to plant peppers and cucumbers primarily. Do I need to put mulch on top of the soil to help with moisture and heat? What soil types and mixtures should I look for and what types of fertilizer should I use?

Thank you in advance!

Northampton, PA

If you want the best soil for the planters, you can prepare it on your own. I would like to share four steps to prepare the potting soil.

1. First, sift 2 gallons of compost, peat moss, and garden soil each to remove large particles.
2. Add 2 gallons of perlite, 1/2 cup of dolomitic limestone, soybean meal, greensand, rock phosphate and kelp powder each in the mixture.
3. Turn the mixture with a shovel repeatedly.
4. If the mixture seems dry, add some water in it. After some spells, the soil is ready.

Also, mulch is the best entity for landscaping. You can put a layer of mulch over the soil to prevent weed growth. For more information, please visit, SGP Now:

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