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Agave colorata leaf spots?

Seattle, WA

Hi everyone, first time poster here. About six weeks ago, I repotted my Agave colorata into a self-watering clay pot and within the past week or two, one of the leaves is showing these light, slightly-sunken regions.

After some initial hesitation, I used this self-watering pot because it seems to leech very little moisture through the clay walls, so little that previous plants I've potted in it have dried out. When I noticed the spots, I pulled the plant out to inspect the roots for rot, but they were quite dry. I think there's some moisture getting through, because there were a bunch of new roots growing. It sits on the east-facing kitchen window, full sun.

I'm worried I should've listened to my gut and went with a different container, and that this plant has overwatering damage now. Can anyone help me identify the issue here?

Thank you!

EDIT: Worth noting that the plant is potted in appropriate soil and the red clay pebbles are only for appearance on the top of the soil.

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