A Rose bush that doesn\'t make roses?

Inglewood, CA

So my mom purchased a house a few years ago and it came with some rose bushes planted in the back and even one planted in the front. The ones in the back flower just fine however the one in the front, according to my mom has never produced any roses. She calls it a thornbush and tried to kill it. I noticed the bush just before she tried to kill it and I'm thinking she never really gave it the time of day nor the attention it needed. When I noticed it it cought my attention because the poor guy was starving for sunlight so much so that it had grew branches that squeezed between the thick bushes on both sides and was leaning out in the driveway. In any case after she had chopped it down and tried to pull out the root I went ahead and dug a little deaper and found a sizable root to regrow. So I took that root and planted it in a nice big hefty 30gal tub and have been taking care of it and it is now back better than it ever was out front. However to my dismay the plant still fails to produce any roses. Not a single attempt at a bloom has shown up on it's long stems. Is there such a thing as a rosebush that doesn't produce roses at all? As my mom calls it, a thornbush? Maybe someone might be able to identify what kind of rose plant it is?

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