Don\'t know the name of this plant

Brooklyn, NY

Hi ! Bought this plant from a local flower shop, but the seller couldn't give me a particular name or instructions to care for this fellow. Unfortunately, the old leaves turn pale brown, then get mushy on the ends and start rotting. If only I knew the name of the plant I could have prevented it. It's a shame such a beautiful little tree can't keep the old leaves because of my lack of knowledge.
Do you guys know what it's called?

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Brooklyn, NY

really? no one?

Northern California, CA(Zone 9b)

You might already know it is a succulent, I just do not know which one. Luckily they all take similar care. They can take some sun, need really good drainage and especially do not overwater. Never let the pot sit in water.

I wonder if yours has lacked much sun so it has stretched out a bit and perhaps would get more color with sun. If it has been out of the sun, you need to slowly introduce it for especially in August, sudden prolonged exposure will burn the leaves.

The good news it will be easy to propagate it by its leaves.

I hope this was helpful. Perhaps someone will see it and recognise it.

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