Relocating a spider sac in danger

Camarillo, CA

Hi everyone! Iím new here and posting this query. I found a similar posting on here related to relocating a spider sac near a home entrance, but I have a slightly different problem.

A few days ago I found a pretty Green Lynx spider in the backyard. She looked like she might be gravid, and I wondered if she would make an egg sac soon. I found her starting to make an egg sac this evening on the underside of a petal of the rose sheís been living on (managed to get a pretty cool video of her working on it as well!).

I looked this kind of spider up, and it sounds like the eggs wonít hatch for another 2 weeks or so. Since sheís laid the sac on the underside of the rose petal, I am very worried that the petal will fall soon as it dies back.

Should I attempt to move her and the egg sac? Iím wondering if I can remove a short section of the branch the rose is on and move it to another protected area. Somewhere that when the petal falls, it wonít fall far to the ground below or something like that.

Any thoughts or advice would be very much appreciated!

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Hi, Socalhockeygal!

I'm not familiar with a Green Lynx spider, but I think it's up to you!

If you think it's more risky for the spider eggs to stay as they are, then you can try moving them to place that you think is better. Although I've never done eggs, when I run into caterpillars, spiders or baby insects that seem out of place (like a millipede exposed in the sun or a preying mantis in the house), I try to move them to places where I think they will have the best chance of survival.

But if you think they might have a better chance being as they are, then I think that's okay, too. After all, the spider momma might have laid her eggs there for a reason that we don't know about.

These are just my thoughts, but I hope they help!

Haha! I just realized that my reply to you might be a little too late! So have they hatched yet? What did you do?

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Camarillo, CA

Hi! Thanks so much for the reply! Good news and bad news...good news was she moved the sac to a more secure location and wove lots of web to keep some dying petals in place and used those for protection. She was doing great, although I was worried about a praying mantis that seemed to be keeping an eye on her and the egg sac. Bad news...the gardeners lopped off the dead heads she was attached to (that I was leaving on for obvious reasons). Nearly bawled my eyes out, but hoped that they stayed attached to the branches and survived. Such is life, I guess. I found another green lynx momma and her egg sac elsewhere in the garden, but she disappeared before the eggs hatched (I wondered if she got eaten or blown away on a particularly windy day we had). I hope I can find more next year and see them hatch!

Oh, I'm so sorry to hear that the dead flowers were lopped off. I hope the spiders managed to get away in time. I've seen spiderlings before and they're pretty cool. Though they're probably not like the same kind you have, I've seen the babies just let out strands of silk and then get carried off by the wind. It seems like they do this on purpose so they can travel around and start finding food.

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