Can these be Ice Cream Bananas?

Van Nuys, CA

I bought a single banana plant at a local nursery here in Southern Calif., about 3 or 4 years ago, hoping to grow a blue, ice cream banana. I thought, (maybe naively) that all ice cream bananas were blue.
One tree produced a bunch last year, that did not do very well, but they did ripen and were sweet. But very small, maybe 3 inches each. They looked like regular bananas from other trees.
I watered more and fertilized this year, and this bunch seems to be doing well so far. But they are not blue.
The trees have grown very fast in just a few years, and look great by the pool. But I thought ice cream bananas were shorter? Maybe 10 feet? These are closer to 15 feet+. (For reference pool is 4 ft)
I was thinking of thinning some of the pups and either selling or giving them away, but did not want to say they were ice cream bananas unless I was sure.
So, could these be ice cream bananas? Or did the nursery mess me up?

Thumbnail by bob4000 Thumbnail by bob4000

I've never heard of ice cream banana before, so I'm not sure I can help you identify it. However, your flower stem looks way too long. Cutting the flowers off after fruits have stopped forming will give you bigger fruits. Otherwise, the flowers will take up all the fruits' resources.

Cut flowers off like in this picture:

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