Please ID this glory

Göppingen, Germany(Zone 7b)

Hi Ladies,

the attached morning glory grows in the botanical gardens of Wilhelma Stuttgart - unfortunately without a sign. I think the leaves are quite unique - do you have a clue what this could be?

Thumbnail by pmmGarak
(Zone 9b)

Looks like Distimake dissectus.

Your photo is so gorgeous, please enter it to PlantFiles.
Scroll down till you see "Upload an image" and click on it. Thanks

Göppingen, Germany(Zone 7b)

Thank you very much Kell, I think you're right! And of course I've submitted the photo!

Hmm, those are listed as Zone 7 - maybe I could give them a try?

(Zone 9b)

Thanks! At the least though a perennial, start it early and you can always grow it as an annual.

Jacksonville, AR(Zone 7b)

I've grown this Alamo vine but only as an annual. Wouldn't be surprised if it survived the winter in zone 7, maybe with mulching

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