SOLVED: ID this plant?

Coralville, IA

Hello - does anyone know this plant? We found it during a trip to Fiji and no one knew what it was. The nearest I can find through online research is Devilís Tongue. It has a similar purple, frilly leaf at its wide base but this specimen did not smell at all. And there is no center stalk as on Devilís Tongue, just the smooth cabbagey-looking structure. That center part was about 12Ē round. The new, green-leaf plants situated at the side and close by were 2.5-3 feet and there were speckles on their stalks.
Thank you!

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Northern California, CA(Zone 9b)

So cool! It is a Amorphophallus, corpse flower because of the way it smells when it first opens. Your might have been too old. The smell attracts flies which pollinate it if I remember correctly. Yours might be Amorphophallus paeoniifolius which I failed to grow 1 year though I successfully grew several other species. I love them!

Coralville, IA

Ah, perfect! Amorphophallus Paeoniifolius, thatís it! Thank you Kell - several of us were wondering how it might have begun and what it would become in its next phase, so now I can find those images online! 😊

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