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Elephant Ears???

Broken Arrow, OK

Hello. Are these Elephant Ears? I helped a lady by removing them and my experience with them is bulbs. These have roots.
Do I replant these now or allow them to dry out and plant in spring? Thank you kindly.

Thumbnail by brnis1 Thumbnail by brnis1
Powder Springs, GA(Zone 7b)

Elephant ears is a common name for a lot of plants - mostly Alocasia and Colocasia and a few other smaller families.

Both are aroids but have different growing needs and structure. I find that Alocasia is more prone to rot in winter so I keep them on the dry side. Colocasia can be grown in water in summer and kept alive in winter by keeping the soil moist.

I would pot these up ASAP so the roots do not dry out since there appears to be no tuber or kind of small.

There used to be some excellent advice on storing these types of plants for winter on the Aroid forum. I don't know if that forum exists anymore.

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