My posts on Garden Watchdog continue to disappear or not show up.

Saint Maries, ID

It has happened again. My most recent post in Garden Watchdog, a positive rating for Dutch Gardens, failed to show up. Previous posts which had disappeared mysteriously from my thread there STILL haven't been restored. I have informed the admin about this more than once, and nothing has been done to resolve it. I feel I am not being listened to, and nobody is paying attention to what I tell them. The last time I contacted the admin about this, she SAID it would be looked into. Yeah, right!

Saint Maries, ID

I've contacted the admin directly about this, via D-Mail. No reply. And no replies here, either. Guess I'm just being ignored ....

Roanoke, VA

Welcome to the world of predatious, exploitative capitalism, where no effort is made to communicate with customers or reviewers, positive or negative. In case you haven't noticed, the pandemic was a gift to corporations to fleece & fraudently obtain the PPP, Cares Act, Rescue Act, etc., money out of the govt. What few USA call center employees that are left are "working" from home & so anything you request to be mailed cannot be mailed, period. I ordered from Breck's for years, by mail with a check, never a problem until this year. Apparently Breck's has been bought by Gardens Alive, which has bought a boatload of struggling companies, & offshores their jobs to reps who take your $$, never ship the order, make promises not kept, use bait & switch advertising according to reviewers on Dave's Watchdog, & in my case, a Philippines rep hung up on me. Report Gardens Alive to Consumer Protection Bureau, the Indiana & OH Attorney Generals, file aN OH & IN BBB report, and call out unresponsive administrators, CSR, etc.

Scott County, KY(Zone 5b)

Sounds like Scamczar could get out from behind the keyboard, and jump into the trenches of small business and offer high quality services! Then, it won't matter what the corporations do, and you will get all the business of the abused masses.

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