My posts on Garden Watchdog continue to disappear or not show up.

Saint Maries, ID

I just now tried to post this, and it hasn't shown up among the threads here. I'll try again:

My most recent post, just a couple days ago, failed to show up in Garden Watchdog. It was a positive rating for Dutch Gardens and comments along with it. Previous posts which have mysteriously disappeared from my Garden Watchdog thread have never been restored, despite my having informed admin about the problem. My user name there is Flowermaiden2. I was told by admin that this would be looked into. It apparently wasn't. Also, my remaining posts have somehow acquired rows of slashes among the text, making them difficult to read. I was also told THAT would be looked into. The admin d-mailed me and said she could see what I meant. But, nothing has been done to resolve any of this. WHY is nobody listening??????

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