NOVEMBER Challenges/Organizing Ourselves/friends helping friends with idea exchanges!!

Victoria Harbour, ON

Moved us over..

Not sure how we got here so fast, feels we were just getting ready for November 2018

Bought the fix8ngs to make these little guys and had hoped early this morning I could go hunting for greens, pouring rain and chances it turns to snow soooo won’t be today.

I’ve much I can do though..will take photo’s when I go downstairs

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Victoria Harbour, ON

Rain turning into be expected I guess but far too early
Trying to use up all those Victorian Santa’s I bought when dong Xmas sleighs decade ago..

Bought some plaid placemats at $$$ store, they will make into pillows for odd person dropping in..then four Santa’s will make up a throw, fling 4 of those..

Then a hand towel will be a snowman

Christmas balls to become snowman faces set 8nto socks..

Ask me if I’ll be between I will bring in the off tote of Christmas

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(Linda Kay) Del Rio, TX(Zone 9a)

Looks like you have plenty to do on a rainy day.

Thanks for the new room.

Don't forget to change your clocks back 1 hour.

Victoria Harbour, ON

Did so, been up since 4 new time, almost ready for a nap but Jeff coming to do a final go around so I’m prepared for winter. Because some of the totes of high up I think I should have the boys bring them on back deck so if it snows there will only be empty totes to go back.. going to look at flyers for sale on a toboggan to live easier when we’ve snow and look for a wagon...

Brought in 6 totes while carrying fall totes out, Drats, must learn to mark them, brought in 2 Easter

Big sigh I look at all the beautiful things I’ve painted and bought and some has to go but what lol

Also found a tote half full of unfinished wood from some of our past workshop projects, should offer them to some of the girls..

(Pat) Kennewick, WA(Zone 5b)

My 1st barn is not far from the house but I HATE shoveling the way to door in the winter snow. I need to finish sorting out the fabric in the house and decide what should go OUT to barn. WAY too much to keep in the house, I try to organize it by project. I am NOT very successful.

Working on another snowflake quilt. Decided to replace one of my choices, so need to make a new block then can start the assembly process. It's going to have plan navy flannel back (I think...)

(Linda Kay) Del Rio, TX(Zone 9a)

Betty, have you decided on our annual Christmas project yet?

Victoria Harbour, ON

Wasn’t sure seeing we are snow if anyone wanted to do there anything you’ve seen that might interest you?

Pacifica, CA

betty, lol you never finished the scarf step by step with pictures..
I like the presents and snow man hat

(Linda Kay) Del Rio, TX(Zone 9a)

I like those too.

(Linda Kay) Del Rio, TX(Zone 9a)

We can make it easy on you. I think we can all find the items we need locally. You can give us the instructions. Those board presents and hats are very pretty.

Maryville, TN(Zone 7a)

That seems better than Betty having to buy and mail out the kits.

Victoria Harbour, ON

Which do you want todo
Can be different

Pacifica, CA

I can find all the items too! I want to make both I have everything except boards

(Linda Kay) Del Rio, TX(Zone 9a)

If you could give directions for both, that would be awesome. Board gifts and the hat.

Victoria Harbour, ON

Ok, will start on it

Victoria Harbour, ON

Present trio

3 Xmas picks that match, bought mine at dollar store
Few glue sticks
Sand paper or palm sander

1x10 you need
1-24” and 1-18”
1 - 12x12” (you could use 1x10 if you can’t find 12” wide planking

Home Depot is great for cutting to size

Stain 3 pieces and wait a day or so for it to dry

I bought beige paint at dollar store, you actually need 2 as you have to give sides and top a few coats

Let dry and sand edges and top to your liking

This scribbling is on my blackboard, you will have to have enough ribbon to cut the following

I’ll be doing sets with the girls in the office this week so will take photos of each step

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(Linda Kay) Del Rio, TX(Zone 9a)

You gave measurements. Are they 1 inch thick, by 10 inches tall? How wide are they?

Maryville, TN(Zone 7a)

Linda I think she means 1 inch thick x 10 inches wide. I piece cut to 24" and one piece cut to 18".

(Linda Kay) Del Rio, TX(Zone 9a)

Thanks Karen.

Victoria Harbour, ON

Yep that is right Karen..using 1x10 boards which really are a tad less than 10” wide for the 12x12 piece you could do it 10” wide as well..really, you could use any wood you might have available..would make them thicker than an inch though.

I bought spools of ribbon 50 yards on each..if you add all the measurement I posted for ribbon needed you likely can buy dollar tree store ribbon that will match and give you enough yardage.

Victoria Harbour, ON

For those thinking of doing the Santa hats

If you have a pizza place around your house you could ask them for a sauce can, just the right size to put on a charger plate bought at $$$ store. I bought black spray paint to spray the outside of the can..the charger plate can be any colour on top but underneath of them is usually black..perfect size..

I bought wide plaid ribbon for this project but I also used some 6” plaid yardage I had from another project, I made fringe at both ends to give it pizazz..

you need enough to go around the can and to make a nice bow..I’ll measure when I go downstairs.

One of my hats did not have a bow, that is the one I used plaid fabric, the other has a it’s entirely up to you..think a 3 yard spool of ribbon would do..I bought 2 picks as well but if you have a stash of greenery and little decorations that would do as well

Dollar store also had plastic little snowflakes on a sheet, I bought a package to add flakes for yet another layer of decor

Sooo start gathering what you need for the project you want to do and I’ll do step by step on a workshop thread..what # would we be at??

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Newcastle, ON(Zone 5a)

Morning Betty,
I want to make a couple of the hats..
Thank you for the instructions.

My helper Mike, was here yesterday and he cut all kinds of dead branches off the old apple trees. The weather turned out sunny ..perfect day. The wood is all cut up and he stocked up the rack in the basement..and another big pile outside. I will be having lots of fires in the fireplace this I putter.

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(Linda Kay) Del Rio, TX(Zone 9a)

Betty, can I ask you to start a new thread for the boxes and hats, so we can find it easily when we are ready to start our crafts? Thanks so much.

Newcastle, ON(Zone 5a)

Good idea Linda Kay.

Victoria Harbour, ON

Here we go

13th Annual Christmas Craft Workshop

Maryville, TN(Zone 7a)

Betty, baby quilt is done save the binding. My friend who did the quilting also put his name in the quilting, above the paw prints and above the possum. Arthur Thomas.

When she does the long arming in the QOVs, she always writes Thank You in the quilting.

Thumbnail by siliolegma
Victoria Harbour, ON

Lovely, saw the name..the quilters name??

Maryville, TN(Zone 7a)

Susan she's a quilter for QOV.

(Pat) Kennewick, WA(Zone 5b)

CLEVER and cute quilt! I like it a LOT.

Maryville, TN(Zone 7a)

Betty, it's the baby's name.

Victoria Harbour, ON

That is endearing Karen..will you give at Christmas?

Maryville, TN(Zone 7a)

No baby shower is next week the 23rd.

Victoria Harbour, ON

It will be best cherished gift for sure..

(Linda Kay) Del Rio, TX(Zone 9a)

Karen, that is so cute.

Maryville, TN(Zone 7a)

Have the tee-shirt ready for the quilter. All the reading pillows are done. Just have to get the books now. I never showed you my plant stand love it to pieces and it actually rolls.

Thumbnail by siliolegma Thumbnail by siliolegma Thumbnail by siliolegma
Victoria Harbour, ON

You’ve been productive will love the pillows..hard to see,,did you put handles? Kids will love them..looks like you’ve mastered the embroidery machine.

I must be lazy, today I bought 10 inserts vs. making them..I best get back at doing more..made Xmas list of who all I was doing and still more to do, lots more..

I did get sharon’s Quilt 3/4 done though..will finish it in the morning.

Maryville, TN(Zone 7a)

It's easy once I found the all important paragraph on line telling me my machine is older so it will only use a 286mb flash drive. Anything bigger and it just says hell no I won't go. Another problem, my machine uses ART format and often it's not available. It does work well with the Juju designs.

The handles are a good idea, I didn't see those.

Newcastle, ON(Zone 5a)

Wow! Karen..wonderful pillows. and that cart is perfect.

Betty..just how many people do you exchange gifts with? You must get a huge amount of satisfaction from giving so generously.

I have a question for all. I want to cover the gazing globe from my garden as all the silvering has become cracked and flaked off. What kind of adhesive do you use for sticking the glass bits on it? Thank you.

Victoria Harbour, ON

Well Karen, Juju has many great designs in your format...look what what you made..they do become addictive don’t they..juju has the split monogram that I do all the surname pillows with ..with buying good quality painters floor cloth, black embroidery thread they make the best gifts..

Carole I buy e6000 glue, you can get tubes at Canadian tire..likely tube of gorilla glue would work as well.

As for gifts, my kids and grandkids get many and high priced items

Friend, nieces and nephews there are about 60

Then I always do a little project for about 30 Christmas carollers..Need to get to Barrie for fabric for gingerbread ,candy for embroidered tummy..

I love giving gifts at Christmas...Rogers old saying, I think of him every year “if your name is in the phone book I’m sure you are onbetty’s Christmas list.

want to get at it this morning and finish sharon’s Quilt, need to drive over with Wanneta as Sharon is selling her big dining room outfit for $200-$$50 every 2 weeks to make it financially easier on Wanneta and has so much other that she is throwing in so I’d best get a move on

(Linda Kay) Del Rio, TX(Zone 9a)

Beautiful projects Karen. I love that plant stand.

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