How to repair puncture hole in my NEW down coat?

Buffalo Grove, IL

This is the first time Iíve ever had a hole in the outer shell of one. Itís in an area that will get a lot of wear, so fixing it as soon as I can is important. The coat falls to the top of the thigh, and the 3/8Ē (or 4 mm) hole is at the back, right where it will hit the back of a seat. Itís already run a little bit.

The shell is 66% nylon and 34 % polyester. Fill is part down and part polyester fiberfill. What I see coming out of this hole is fiberfill. I canít tell from the tag where the down is located. It says ďdown bagĒ Ė whatever a down bag is - is 100% duck down and feathers.

Even with the tiniest hand stitches, the repair will be visible. Hopefully I can minimize it. And stop it from running further. (And wouldn't you know it, I just got a custom hat and scarf crocheted by a local crafter to match it. I have a huge head so can't wear commercial hats. Iíve tried making them, then didnít like them)

Please tell me what might be the best way to fix this.

Fray check first?
Fine fusible interfacing? Work a small circle through the hole, then iron very carefully with the tip to secure it ?

Follow each with small stitches?

PLEASE help me fix this! Thanks very much for any help you can offer.

Brooklyn, NY

Have you tried a professional seamstress?

Buffalo Grove, IL

I can sew. I actually mend a lot of things. This will need more than just sewing though if it is not to be really obvious. I know a couple of professional seamstresses: and they only use machines.

Little Rock, AR

if I were you, I would be very accrued without tension, I would have sewn up a down jacket, as it will get out fluff

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