arrowhead plant

Okanagan Area, BC

I took a cutting from a friend and it is growing nicely. but I would like it to be more busy. have seen online where suggestions but am not sure where to snip off.
I had been cutting off the new shoots.
hope pic is not too dark.

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Powder Springs, GA(Zone 7b)

Syngonium is a vining plant. I would cut it above a node and either water root the cut top or stick it back in the soil (cut off the excess stem almost to the next node). I cut the extra length of all my Syngoniums and discard them as the bottom can be kind of weedy.

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Okanagan Area, BC

sorry to reply so late...I trimmed back the two longest stems and now have new ones coming out. I want to keep the plant relatively short...should I now cut on one other taller stem?

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