DECEMBER Challenges, Projects and Organizing Ourselves..sharing with others!!

Victoria Harbour, ON

Lordy, almost missed December..

We moved over from here:

Pat I am sorry to hear of all the challenges you have had this past month, donít know how you do it and still you continue to help are my hero..

Karen, condolences to you and your family re loss of your cousin today, heartbreaking this time of year.

Christmas is on our doorstep..putting 5 pillows together today..nearly there.

Just remembered that I didnít make one for Andrew who snow plots for me, next trip downstairs I will put one on embroidery machine.

Someone asked about the gingerbread men..bought the program on Etsy..typed in ITH machine embroidery gingerbread men and it came up..if you donít find it let me know

Iím anxious Karen to try one of those phone holders..maybe if I have a nap I might wake up with energy..just having late lunch/early supper..think we all know who will be in bed shortly lol. So much for doing one today

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Victoria Harbour, ON

Had visitors all morning..

Juneís daughter was operated yesterday for throat cancer, feel so badly for her..just separated from her boyfriend a month or so her early 40s..

Rita dropped in because she forgot her teddy bears my friend made for her out of her momís fur coat, now Rita hates to give them to her grown daughters, would like to keep them..

Wanneta didnít come as her SIL passed during the night

Pat gave me a gnome for Christmas, more Christmas..other girls gave me pressies but Iíll be good and wait to open..look at these little knitted gnomes as well.

Sooo houseful!

Needed black/white embroidery thread, embroidery. Needles and tear away, hated the thought of trying to fit a trip to Barrie in, then it came to me, Greg works a few blocks away from the fabric shop..called them, placed an order, paid with c.c., called Greg and hopefully he will drop it off tonight or tomorrow so I can finish up

In the meantime Iím working on Sharons Christmas gift, when she saw the girls painting. birdhouses this summer she mentioned maybe Santa could bring her one so busy with that..

Yes, busy busy...still have a morn8ng of shopping for all the Jammieís and a few sweaters, that can wait til weekend.

How come I start December 26th and still rushing?

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(Linda Kay) Del Rio, TX(Zone 9a)

Those gnomes are beautiful.
So are those teddy bears. What a precious gift someone will get.

Victoria Harbour, ON

Yes, they were made from Ritaís moms fur coat just like the 2 I had made for Darlene...she is so pleased

Newcastle, ON(Zone 5a)

I gave my old fur coat to a lady to make bears a long time ago. I believe she donated the bears she made.

Rita's daughters are lucky ladies.
Merry christmas all.

Maryville, TN(Zone 7a)

I took a few short cuts on the phone holders. I didn't make the inner bags and I figured a way to make them with no hand sewing. Hand work is just too hard for me anymore.

Victoria Harbour, ON

That was generous of both of you Carole, I made a few decades ago, not easy..must cut from king and not through the fir or you deal with fur for months

Karen, going downstairs to embroider a pillow, while machine is doing its think I just might try one..still have beads left over from frogs I was doing.

Victoria Harbour, ON

Christmas Carollers loved their gingerbread men..already have a plan for snowmen holding candy canes for next year..canít start too soon right?? Lol

All but one table has a sewing machine set up for Christmas , left the one set up as you just donít know if you are short just one gift. Wish I knew someone in town that has snow family, Iíve a bin full over past few years, would love to go out this afternoon and drop off a few. Iíll call Melanie and June, she knows of a few people in area perhaps they could come up with someone.

Karen, I havenít forgotten about the phone support, when pies are out of oven I might treat myself to a break and get one done

Victoria Harbour, ON

Moved us over

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