Please Help! Yucca Elephantipes new leaves wither!

Phoenix, AZ

Hello everyone,

Will appreciate it if anyone could please identify what's going on with my beautiful Yucca Elephantipes plant!

I bought my Yucca from Ikea last August. It comes with three canes; each cane has from two to five shoots. I placed the plant in the living room with two south-facing windows -- not right next to the windows or under direct sunlight, but still at a very bright location. I live in Phoenix, Arizona, and we've got almost consistently long sunny days throughout the year.

I water my Yucca very sparingly about once every two weeks when soil feels completely dry, and I do check if excess water blocks the drainage hole on the inner pot.

Starting from mid autumn I noticed my Yucca was no longer thriving as it was when it first moved it. The old leaves still retain their rich solid green color; most old leaves don't even have noticeable brown tips. The new leaves are in trouble...

New leaves sprouting from the center of the shoots start with a very light green color. Some will quickly develop some lighter, white-ish colored patches. Then these new leaves will soon dry out and turn pale yellow.

I also noticed on each cane, not all shoots have such new leaf problems. At least for now, one or two shoots on each cane survive this misfortune...

Could anyone tell me what I'm missing here? Thanks in advance!

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