Invasive species to Hawaii

(Zone 7a)

I was just asked to make a trade with someone living in Hawaii who asked for solidago seeds. Anyone who has grown this knows how invasive it can become. Being aware of the ecological damage imported invasives have wreaked in Hawaii, I want to caution anyone about trading with this person. She obviously could care less because after I rejected the offer she had to e-mail me back that she had found someone else who is sending her the solidago seeds. Hawaii has very strick laws about the importation of seeds, so everyone should know who trades with her that you are breaking the law. Please be responsible with your trades. IT IS IMPORTANT!!!

Kuna, ID

solidago is not listed as Hawaii's noxious seed list. Noxious seed lists are different from each states noxious weed lists. These lists govern import and export of seed.

Mgerdes- You are totally right I have just checked ALSO! We need to fight for our rights! And I think Seedgoddess could use our help!

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