Ducan white grapefruit and Valencia orange

Wewahitchka, FL

Have seeds available for these heirloom citrus trees. They DO grow true from seeds. I have witnessed it personally. Several generations of trees on my friend's several properties here in the FL panhandle all grown from seed of the same lineage.

For a white grapefruit the variety Duncan is very good and fairly sweet with less acidity than many white types. It has flavor more like a red grapefruit. Takes about 5 years to fruit from seed but they are very prolific producers and are fairly cold hardy. Tough trees!

The Valencia oranges are very, very good. Juice quality without the need to add sweetener by any means. Overall a great orange. Takes around 8 years to fruit from seed but again very prolific and cold hardy to at least the northern FL panhandle. Worth the wait!

Any FL members that are interested please inquire via private message. Many seeds for trade!

To get an idea of my legitimacy as a trader since I'm new here please view my eBay page by searching "seller:divineplants" or Etsy page "SixFlowersCrafts".


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