Anyone have the wild tomato and pepper varieties

Wewahitchka, FL

Looking for the wild type plants. Know there are wild forms of peppers and tomatoes out there. Would be cool to grow these if possible. Will buy or trade for seeds!

Thanks! DG

Cleveland,GA/Atlanta, GA(Zone 7b)

What are "wild" peppers and tomatoes? Since you know about them, where do they grow? I've grown peppers and tomatoes for over five decades and never had a variety described as "wild". Are you looking for heirloom varieties? Open pollinated varieties? What seeds are you trading?

Wewahitchka, FL

There are several close relatives to tomato and peppers that are native to central and South America that are still in their unimproved natural state. Not heirlooms or anything but actual wild plant species that aren't cultivated outside their natural range except perhaps locals in the regions or hobby growers. Many are running breeding programs to cross these back into say modernized tomatoes etc to attempt greater disease resistant strains, more versatile ability against environmental conditions, etc. I'll have to look up the specific names for you to see since I cannot spell them off the top of my head. Scientific names. Some have common names such as the "hairy tomato" or "litchi tomato". The latter not really being a tomato at all but distant family relative.

Have all kinds of seeds to trade potentially.
Bok choy
Thai hot peppers
Anise hyssop
Meadow garlic
Lamb's lettuce
Lamb's quarters
Jewels of opar
Jack sword bean
Everglades tomato
American persimmons
Plus more

Cleveland,GA/Atlanta, GA(Zone 7b)

I grew up picking and eating 'glades tomatoes. Wow, good memories. I'm not sure you will find a response here but UF used to do a lot of research in the direction of your interest. Have you tried to contact faculty there?

Before Andrew I thought Redland Fruit and Spice Park had trialing going on for all kinds of wild vegetables including South American varieties. Maybe enquire there. I obtained seed for black lima beans from there in early 2000 that I still grow every year. At Fruit and Spice, if it falls on the ground, you can take it. I have returned over the years for the annual orchid festival. I grow species orchids as well as vegetables.

The import of plants and seed from S. America is difficult and expensive. Hobbyists who are loyal to plants like orchids are willing to pay the price. Maybe not so much with tomatoes in Florida. Meanwhile, so many tomatoes now labeled "heirloom" such as cherry sweet varieties, pears and small blacks have wild origins.

Springfield, OH(Zone 5b)

we grow a pepper plant that is out of texas that grows wild in the hedgerows there.. mexico/texas. very small no real name other than pequino

Naples, FL

I ordered several varieties of wild tomatoes from On the main page find the tab that says "Pepper and Tomato Seed List". Scroll down to "wild tomatoes"

Bordeaux , France (European Territory)


I am currently on island of Guadeloupe, in west indies, and I can see sometimes on waste lands, in wild, chili peppers bushes. Don't know if they're wild or if they have been escaped from cultivation long time ago indeed. Anyway I gathered some cause I love the bushy shape they have, with all this tiny chilies.. they are endless chilies peppers providers.

Ps : I am open to trade :)

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