Swedish Ivy veins on leaves turning red

Oxford, United Kingdom

I have a large Swedish Ivy (I think it's called that - we call it a money plant in South Africa). It could also be called Plectranthus. Anyway I have taken a number of branches off over the last few months as it is getting old. I put them in water until they grow roots and replant. They start off beautifully, but over time the oldest one has started getting red veins. See the photos below. I planted the newer two about a month ago. The older one was planted about 4 months ago. Why are the veins going red and how do I get them back to pure green?

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(Zone 9b)

I found this explanation by jonivy.
"When grown outdoors and temperatures approach freezing, anthocyanans are activated. Veins in the leaves of Plectranthus verticillatus turn purplish-red, giving it a completely different winter color scheme."

(Zone 9b)

I found your same question was asked here in 2006. Towards the end of the thread it was suggested that too much light or soil lacking nutrients may cause it.

Oxford, United Kingdom

Thanks, I can see how temperature could have been the cause. I wonder if it will get back to normal when summer comes or whether I need to add some nutrients and what those would be?

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