having problems with a Doublefile Viburnum

Waukegan, IL(Zone 5a)

I am looking for help with a Doublefile Viburnum? Mine is ten years old and is producing lots of water sprouts at the base. Last fall it also dropped the leaves of the top tier rather early. I found two articles which discouraged pruning which it said causes the Doublefile to produce water sprouts and sometimes dieback from the top. On the other hand I also found articles describing a pruning regimen for Doublefile Viburnums. Mine is about 15 feet tall with about 7 trunks and bottom branches high enough to sit beneath. I have to do some pruning on it from time to time to keep it from drooping to face level where it becomes a nuisance. It makes a very nice cool place to relax on a hot day and I would hate to lose it. Has anyone had experience with removing lots of water sprouts? Is it a hopeless task or does it improve the shrub? I would appreciate any advice you could offer.

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